We are always looking for good people at Idiap. Any open position will be advertised on the Idiap jobs page; all are funded except the speculative positions. A speculative application is useful if you anticipate a position being available soon, or if you have your own funding.


I currently have funding for multiple internships; the subjects are open, but should be related to the research that is being done in the wider group. The formal position is on the jobs page.

Unless you have your own funding, interns are funded by Idiap with a stipend of CHF ~3,000 per month. In Martigny, this will pay rent, food and (some) beer; you probably won’t save anything. An internship is suitable for someone doing a masters and needing a project, or with a masters waiting to take a PhD position. It can also suit current a PhD student wanting to broaden their knowledge. An internship is not suitable for a PhD graduate unless you have a very clear idea of where you’re going next.

If you are funded feel free to get in touch anytime.

PhD students

I currently have no open PhD positions

Otherwise, all the information is on the Idiap jobs page. SNSF is good for PhDs; it’s real research funding including travel and without commitments to industrial partners. It’s also a good opportunity to collaborate with interesting partners.

Post doctoral researchers

Idiap can be a good place to do a post-doc. If you want an academic career, it is a springboard to a position elsewhere. If you want to run a startup, it is easy to transition into the IdeArk incubator. If you are undecided, a post-doc can provide time to make an informed decision.